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Created on 2010-06-19 03:49:17 (#525997), last updated 2017-08-19 (5 weeks ago)

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Name:Does Anyone Else...?
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Just me? No? Yes? Find out here.
Ever wondered if anyone else likes to put ketchup on their pizza? Loves Star Wars AND Star Trek? Listens to Fiji? Ships Cristina/Teddy?

Ever needed a good place to ask?

Hate filling out friending memes?

Yeah, me too. (Your friendly mod, [personal profile] sorry_neither.) So here's a place you can pop in and ask if you're alone in the world for your love of X, hopefully get some responses, start an interesting discussion, and maybe make some new friends and converts.

- Have fun.
- Don't be an asshole. Post anything trollish like, "HEY, DOES ANYONE ELSE HATE MEXICANS?" and I'll ban you into last year.
- If you're posting about something sufficiently obscure, a link for further information is nice and could get others interested. Win/win for everyone!
- Your post doesn't have to be about something obscure. Really. You could post something general like, "does anyone else love femmeslash/science fiction/stuffed animals?" It's fine. Really.
- No, really.
- Any adult material must be flagged.
- Any potentially triggering material must be cut and warned for. If someone requests you cut, you cut. Wank makes me cranky.
- Title your posts clearly. Even if it's the same text in the body of the post. We'll all be happier.
- There aren't any tags. Yet. So don't worry about it.
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