too many numbers

when you go to the doctor & are asked to give your birthday date for then to look you up in the records (do they do that everywhere or just where i live?) does anyone else have to think for a while?

i have have to sort though my brother's, my dad's, my mother's birthday before i get to my birthday.

and i have to remember phone numbers, PINs, addresses & social security number.

at times it's just too much.

shopping reminders

when going grocery shopping & having forgotten the list, but still recalling a few things, does anyone else mutter the 3 or 4 things to themselves as you shop? like "milk, bread, eggs, T.P" and then subtract each thing as you pick them up? "bread, eggs, T.P." until you have everything.


Does anyone else like Chocolate Fudge Soda? I saw a deal and bought 16 bottles. XD

Does anyone else...

does anyone else still write beyblade fanfictions?

I was just wondering since I still write a few. XD they are all Canon x oc pairings but still.

nail care

does anyone else trim their own fingernails, as opposed to going to a manicurist, & always end up cutting one too short?

for me it's usually either index finger. usually the right one.
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Does anyone else completely ignore low ink/toner warnings? My printer's been whining about low toner for two months, and merrily keeps printing away just as good as when I first put the cartridge in. I've easily printed two reams since then.

(no subject)

Does anyone else seriously consider deleting their account when they make a really stupid comment?

seasoning of food

does any one else only use salt & pepper on their food when they go out to eat? i don't have it at home and i don't know why i bother using it when i go out. maybe it's just habit.
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. . . prefer the keyboards that make noise when you type on them?

. . . type on ordinary keyboards so hard that you annoy all the people around you?

. . . sometimes wonder, that if they spent less energy slamming down on the keys, they might increase their WPM slighty, but this is how they learned to type so they'll stick with this method?
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Small citrus fruits ~ semi-solid flavoured dairy products

Does anyone else lump all small orange citrus fruits into one category?

There’s mikans, satsumas, clementines, mandarin oranges, tangerines… but to me, they’re all tangerines. (In English, that is. In German, they’re all Mandarinen to me.)

Does anyone else lump yoghurt and pudding into one category?

For me, they’re essentially the same (sweetened, flavoured, semi-solid dairy dessert). I tend to call them all yoghurts even if they’re pudding.


does anyone else absolutely hate coffee?

i get ill just from the smell of it being brewed or ground.

spare change

does anyone else....

check vending machines or pay phones for loose change?
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(no subject)

Does anyone else. . . post in this community anymore?

try, in vain, to share the feelings you get from music

Does anyone else ever listen to some really good music with massive basslines and such drop-dead gorgeous walls of sound that you just go "This beat is SO. GOOD", and you want to drown in the beat and live in it forever, and you want to share that experience with the rest of the world, and then realize that no, you cannot really transmit feelings like that through a facebook status update?

A joy shared is a joy doubled.

I'm going to try sharing this knowledge: listen to the chorus of Ke$ha's We R Who We R with your subwoofer turned up to the max. Or, try Justice's Planisphère. Or, Warp Brother's Cokane.
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(no subject)

 Does anyone else here love making people crafty, well thought out gifts for holidays, but run out of ideas?  

AKA, does anyone have any suggestions for cheap holiday gifts?
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Does anyone else...

...ever find random bruises or cuts on their body and wonder how they got there?

I do. D:
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Is sleep your enemy?

Does anyone else find that although they suffer from insomnia, they still put off falling asleep? I'm exhausted right now, I'd love to sleep, I'm not scared I won't... yet, I have a lot more interesting things to do.

(no subject)

Does anybody else look up actors and try to figure out ways their characters could be the same person at different stages of their lives? Like, Doogie Howser grows up and become disenchanted with the world, turning into a huge hippy, until his heart is broken and he turns to supervillainy until tragedy drives him back to New York where he becomes a suit-loving womanizer. Or something.

Dollhouse has been immensely help for this silly hobby, too. XD
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But in the story there was porn!

Read fanfic so much and so often that, when you go back to watching the television show, you're surprised when they fade to black?

This question brought to you by my retrospective tour through ER season four and my sadface at not getting to see more than a kiss between Benton and Corday.

Nom nom nom.

Does anyone else enjoy odd flavor pairings? Example: A snack I really enjoy is an onion bagel with butter and blueberry jelly. I like the combination of the sweet and savory tastes.