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Does anyone else need to sort their money by cleanliness / crispness?

I like to put grungy old money at the front of my wallet, and cleaner newer bills to the back, so it's easier to grab the first and get them out of my wallet.

(Then the problem is, where do you put cleaner but wrinkled bills, compared to dirtier but crisper bills?)
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Does anyone else eat their chilidogs the way I do? My mom did this for me as a kid so that it'd be easier to eat... and I never stopped doing it! I'm almost 21! 

You tear the bun up into bite sized pieces, after tearing it in half vertically. So that (|) becomes (| and |)... If that makes sense =B Anyway, make a layer on the plate of bun pieces, then add a layer of cheese and cut up hot dog, top it with a layer of chili, and more cheese. I also put ketchup on top.

I tend to do it differently sometimes, but it's the same basic thing. Torn up buns on bottom, cut up hot dogs throughout. Various layers of chili, cheese, onions, ketchup, more cheese...

Am I the only one who eats their chilidogs this way?
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Does anyone else imagine there's a fandom for your original work as you're writing it? I get a ridiculous amount of glee imagining which pairings would be popular, and the ship wars that would result from certain plot developments.
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Does anyone else look for similarities between tv characters and real people?

I like imagining what roles my friends I could have in police dramas :D
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Does anyone else try to figure out what Bleach characters match characters in Dr. Horrible?

So far I have just about any captain as Captain Hammer and Aizen or Gin as Dr. Horrible. Only not, you know, as funny.
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I feel a bit strange being the second post to the community, but here we go...

Does anyone else eat the toppings off their pizza first, and then eat the crust plus remaining sauce after?

I've always eaten pizza this way, but everyone I've ever eaten pizza in front of looks at me strangely the first time they see me do it. I don't pick the toppings out of the cheese or anything, either, I just peel it off and eat that bit first!
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Was anyone else dying for a place like this? Or is it just me?

(Psst, rules are here.)


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